Here you will find a list of digital and print media that have been released or are due to be released under The Dreamcast Junkyard brand. Everything listed here was created by fans, for fans, and is 100% unofficial, with no affiliation or endorsement from Sega, Sega Europe or Sega Sammy Holdings.

Dreamcast: Year One by Andrew Dickinson (2020)

Crowdfunded via Kickstarter in 2019, and released in early 2020, Dreamcast: Year One was inspired by Sandeep Rai's excellent PlayStation Vita: Year One book. Andrew Dickinson decided to use this format (with Sandeep's blessing!) to tell the story of the Dreamcast's short lifespan, all presented in a beautiful, clean style with fantastic art by Eric Pavik .
In this first book, Andrew covers how the Dreamcast came to be, as well as what happened during its first year on the market. Also included are many informative interviews with heavy-hitters from the industry, such as Bernie Stolar (former Sega of America President), Ed Lomas (Official Dreamcast Magazine UK editor), Caspar Field (DC-UK editor), and even our very own Tom Charnock. Finally, a number of retrospectives are provided by Andrew and his Dreamcast Years crew on the core Year One games that put the system on the map. Notably, when we  interviewed Andrew for our podcast, the DreamPod, little did we know it would be the start of a great friendship, and that he'd eventually go on to join The Dreamcast Junkyard team himself! Because of this, future reprints of Dreamcast: Year One  will proudly sport The Dreamcast Junkyard logo on the back cover.
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Dreamcast: Year Two by Andrew Dickinson (2023)

Smashing its funding goal on Kickstarter in only 64 hours,  Dreamcast: Year Two  picks up where the first book left off, covering everything that occurred in the world of Dreamcast between April 1st 2000 to March 31st 2001. This includes the console's cancellation, the advent of online gaming, the most notable games, and a whole lot more; once again presented alongside excellent artwork, this time by  Dan Tiller .
Everything is bigger this time around, from the page count to the amount of writers involved, including a number of staff from the Junkyard, including Brian Vines, James Harvey, Kev Mason, Lewis Cox, Mark Williams, Mike Phelan and Tom Charnock. Interviewees include Corey Marshall (voice of Ryo Hazuki, Shenmue ), Darren Jones (Retro Gamer editor), Adam Koralik (YouTuber), John Linneman (Digital Foundry), Iain Lee (Channel 4's Thumb Bandits), and more. It's worth reading Dreamcast: Year Two  just for James Harvey's 10-page  Spirit of Speed 1937  retrospective alone. For a more detailed breakdown of Dreamcast: Year Two, check out our article about it.

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The A to Z of Dreamcast Games: A Collector's Guide by Mike Phelan (2018)

The A to Z of Dreamcast Games is an incredible piece of work. Released as a free digital download back in 2018, this digital guide was an attempt to catalogue and review every single retail and independent Dreamcast release from all regions, to give collectors - or just the curious - a handy companion on their journey through the Dreamcast library. It has information on all licensed and indie Dreamcast games released until 2018, each presented with a review and full release listings. It also has collecting tips for PAL, US, Japanese and Indie game collectors, and much, much more. The guide proved quite popular - reaching more than 10,000 downloads. If you're getting into Dreamcast physical collecting, or want to find some hidden gems in the Dreamcast library, this guide is for you! You can still download the guide for free by clicking below:
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The Ultimate Collectors Guide by Mike Phelan (2015)

This now discontinued collector's guide by Mike was announced back in 2015, and contained such handy information for Dreamcast collectors as full PAL, NTSC-U and NTSC-J release lists, a rarity guide, a full list of available and upcoming indie titles, a PAL white label guide, and a Japanese game accessibility guide. The team at the time often referred to it as "a trainspotter's guide for Dreamcast games".
Unfortunately, the book attracted the attention of Sega's legal team, who emailed us asking for it to be withdrawn from sale. We came back with a new cover (the one you see below) which very much promoted the book as a 100% unofficial, fan-made project, but Sega still didn't want it to be sold. In the end, we gave away the remainder of the books for free, asking fans just to pay for postage. If you want to follow the whole legal saga from start to finish, it can be read here . Mike still has the cease and desist email framed on his wall. If you still want to own a physical version of this book, it is sadly no longer available, but all of its best features can be found in Mike's The A to Z of Dreamcast Games . Copies do go up on eBay from time to time, though. As for the digital version, Sega allowed us to release it for free, at least, so you can download that below.
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